“It's really fun to come every week. I am sad in the summer when we don't have gym. I made a lot of new friends there. In fact, most of my friends are from HS Gym. Chris has really fun games. When I don't have gym in the summer I teach them to other friends that don't go to HS Gym and we really have a blast!! Most of the kids are really nice but some are kind off annoying at points.” - Michaela

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“I love your approach with children. Children know when they are respected, and you accomplish this while having fun. Thanks!” – Susie

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About the HSG

Learn about Coach Q, founder of the Homeschool Gym. Review the philosophy & mission of the HomeSchool Gym and its commitment to providing a positive approach to physical fitness. Discover the growing Parent Community that is an integral part of the Homeschool Gym structure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have two main FAQs- one for parents, and another for kids wanting to know more about the Homeschool Gym

Classes Offered

The Homeschool Gym has many different classes to choose from, all tailored for a wide range of age groups.


In the HomeSchool Gym, children of all skill and fitness levels are invited to have fun and keep their bodies moving. It is our aim to help them improve their physical skills, enjoy fitness and build their confidence in a structured, noncompetitive environment.

The HomeSchool Gym's mission? To provide a safe and positive physical education experience for homeschooled children.